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Healing has been known of and used for many thousands of years. Each living thing carries its own electromagnetic field that can be disrupted by environment factors, events, trauma and emotional state.

By helping to re-balance the disrupted vibrations within the energy field, the homeostasis of the person or animal's energy field can be restored. This allows for the release of 'trapped emotions' held within the energy field and emotional body, and therefore physical improvements to be made.

Our energy field is the blueprint for our physical body. A person or animal that is stuck in flight/flight due to the triggering of their Catecholamine Cascade within their physiology (acute stress) may go on to experience the trigger their HPA Axis (chronic stress). Once this occurs cortisol remains present, making it difficult for the body to heal and will eventually lead to adrenal exhaustion and endocrine (hormonal) disruption. Should this continue, the individual will eventually start to manifest symptoms of physical illness due to the body being under constant 'attack' due to its own physiology. Not only does this make it harder for the body to heal itself, it also means the individual’s body is attacking itself at the same time.

So not only does healing seek to re-balance the existing disruptions within the individuals energy that can lead to illness; it also aids in the calming of the individual’s physiology that can otherwise lead to physical illness as well.

Energy is not bound by distance. This service is for distance healing. If you wish to book a personal consultation for your pet or horse locally, please contact us





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