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Equine Behaviour

Due to domestication and the escalating levels of adaption that our horses are under, behaviour issues are common place. By looking at the equine ethogram (natural equine behaviours in the wild) and how it relates to our domesticated horses. It is only too easy to see why so many horses struggle to carry out their natural repertoire of behaviours. This can lead not only to maladaptive and undesirable behaviours, but also to chronic stress which can affect health.

Once the HPA Axis is triggered and remains so, it makes it far more likely that your horse will become more reactive to stressful situations and be far more susceptible to acute stress.

There are many underlying causes that can lead to maladaptive behaviours, these may include:

Environment, training, underlying health issues, early weaning and issues relating to resource holding due to past experiences. Age, gender and previous history will also play a part.

The purpose of a behaviour consultation is to look at behaviour and assess your horse and their environment in order to look at why the behaviour has manifested. We look at the physiology involved that is linked to the behaviour and seek to change it using positive reinforcement behaviour modification in incremental steps, in a way that enables your horse to feel mentally secure. It may be that environmental changes will be suggested as well.


In order to attend in person, a veterinary referral will be required. This is usually as simple as just giving your vet a quick call and asking them for the relevant permission.

Personal visits are available in Pembrokeshire and Carmarthenshire. For all other areas, please contact us for more information.

Veterinary and Yard Manager reports can be produced on request.

Please note that a veterinary referral will be needed for me to attend in person.

contact us

Available for talks and yard visits in south and south west Wales.

Consultation fees vary between £45 and £135, depending on what is required plus 45 pence (round trip) per mile travel.