Hi, I’m Holly, a seasoned Animal Communicator, Human and Animal Therapist and an Equine Behaviourist. I have now been working with animal communication for the past 25 years.

I've dedicated my life to bridging the gap between humans and animals, fostering harmony, understanding, and personal growth. For well over two decades I've honed my skills as an Animal Communicator, delving deep into the intricate language of animals. Through intuitive insights and empathetic communication I help get the the root of everyday behaviour and health issues, as well as helping provide answers to your everyday questions and concerns.

I also hold related qualifications: Equine Behaviour, Food and Environmental Allergies, EFT, Bach Flower Remedies & Meridian Psychology to name a few. Also decades of self study in subjects to include: Psychology, A&P, Zoopharmacognosy, Neurology & Physiology, as well as decades of teaching and public speaking in AC and related subjects.