Animal Communication

Animal Communication can be used to explore just about anything to do with your pet / equine friend.
It holds few limitations and can aid in the changes of perception, gaining can literally be life changing.
Imagine if you could hear from your pet directly....well now you can.
The information comes to me in the form of words,  pictures (both moving and still), and feelings (kinaesthesia). This, along with the speed, tone of the voice and the ‘hidden but’, can provide a wealth of information for the animal’s care giver in order to create the changes needed for a more fulfilling life and the change in acute and chronic issues.
‘’But animals don’t speak English’.
Correct! What I hear is what the animal would say if they could. This is aided by the subconcious mind that collects information during the connection and puts in into forms of information that I can understand.
This causes me to experience the communication as if I can really hear your pet speaking.
Which species of animals can be communicated with?
Any...they are no limitations in relation to species.

How is the information complied?
During the communication, there will be silent periods whilst I am communicating which gives you plenty of time to make notes.

Animal Communication 
This video will explain more about how I work
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