Animal Healing

There are three main ways that animal healing can be carried out: hands on, hands off and distantly. If you are using an experienced healing therapist, distance will be no issues and the effects will still be the same.
Energy frequences exist in and around the physical body. Each thought and emotion also carry a frequency. When these frequencies become disrupted or blocked, emotional and physical discord can occur. By aiding in the balancing of these energetic frequencies, we can help the animal’s energy sytems back to homeostasis and by doing so, this will have a positive impact on both the physical body and emotions.
By linking with the animals energy so that I am able to feel it, I am also able to experience their physical releases even when they do not physically display them. I experience this as a ‘ripple’ feeling in my own body. When I link with an animal, my own physiology may also change. My heart rate may increase, or my breath rate may increase or decline. This enables me to feel more of what the animal is experiencing.
When I am giving healing to an animal, it makes no difference to me if I am physically with them or not. I can still find and balance the energy systems and locate and find areas of discord that need attending to.
if you are booking a distance session, I always give feedback on what I have found and the work that I have carried out.
Healing can be used for injuries and health issues, as well as general well-being.
Booking a Consultation

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