Office Hours are 9am - 5pm

However, I understand that emergencies can occur when we least expect them.
If you have an emergency that you feel can not wait, you are welcome to call me out of hours.
Although I can not guarantee to be immediately available to help.
Saundersfoot, Pembrokeshire, UK
01834 810193

441834 810193

Mobile: 07854523441
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to send me a message. 

I aim to reply within 24 hours, if you do not hear from me by then, it is possible that your email has been lost, so please feel free to call me.

Terms and Conditions
​All our workshops, seminars and courses must be paid for, in full, 14 days prior to commencement. Our other services must be paid for, in full, prior to commencement.We are committed to providing you with the best Client Experience that we can.
However, we appreciate there will always be circumstances where things don’t go according to plan for ourselves or for our clients. We appreciate, however, that when things don’t always run to plan it would be unfair to expect our clients to agree to, or be bound by, terms where our clients are unfairly disadvantaged. However, we also believe that we have the right to be paid for the services that we provide, for which we have taken bookings in good faith.Therefore, if there is a problem with your booking we are pleased to offer you the following choices
If you are unable to take up a service that you have already booked and paid us for: Please let us know as soon as possible and we will re-book you in for a later date. We will do our best to re-book that same service with another client. If we are able to do so we will refund your payment in full. Which constitutes the difference between the cost of the service you originally booked and the service we have re-booked with the replacement client.
If we cannot re-book your service/time slot with another client: We reserve the right to retain your payment. If you miss your appointment or do not cancel giving at least 24 hours notice: We reserve the right to retain your payment as the time slot was still booked to you personally and could have been made available to another client. If we cannot carry out a service you have booked with us:
We will happily refund your payment in full or re-book your service for you - The choice is yours.