Balancing of the energy systems to aid positive health and wellbeing. Distance is not an issue.

  • Category: Services for Animals
  • Duration: 00:60 Hours
  • Location:Online Link




Remote Healing Sessions look to rebalance the energy systems of your horse or pet. This can help aid in behavioural, physical and emotional issues. Emotional Freedom Technique is also available as a service and can also be of huge benefit for behavioural and emotional issues.

Healing sessions are carried out late evening when the animal is more likely to be at rest and not disturbed. I will then contact you the next day with findings.

My aim is to respond to your request for an appointment as soon as possible.

Appointment dates and times are allocated on a first come first served basis unless an emergency is involved.

Once your appointment  slot has been allocated, a payment link will be sent out to you. The appointment slot is then held for 24 hours to give you time to make the payment. If payment is not made by this time, it may regrettably be the case that your appointment will have to be reallocated.