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Holly Davis

She spends a huge amount of time researching: Psychology, Neurology, Therapies and Nutrition are all of huge interest to her and are just some of the things she likes to learn about when not working with Clients, or looking after her own family which extends to her animals friends too.

Her animal work largely involves locating health issues, pain and the understanding of the animal, their psychology, emotions, behaviour and any issues that may be causing concern for them and their people alike. Over the years Holly has developed a good and sound reputation in the horse world for her work with horses that accounts for a large part of her work.

Holly is a keen Author and to date has published 8 books; she has also been a Columnist for a National Magazine for the past 10 years, as well as having a knack for writing and bringing to life, life stories and putting into words what needs to be voiced and acknowledged.

She offers bespoke services, as well as one to one days. So if you have a request or query that you feel she may be able to help with, please do not hesitate to ask.


Holly sees her role of one of helping and supporting both People and Animals.

Her primary work is as an Animal Communicator; which has been her main career and past time since 1999. However, as time has past, she has found herself also pulled towards helping their people too, as well as those who do not have animals in their lives.

Due to her work with animals, she has learned to understand people in a unique way and how they too can be enabled to also move forwards in a positive way through their own choosing and when the time is right for them. So for this reason, she also extends her services and knowledge to people.


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