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 and Equine Behaviourist

Holly Davis

As a qualified behaviourist, Holly comes from a background of both intuition and science. Her aim is to not only help animals and their guardians, but also to help people with their own education in order that animals can not only be further helped on a informative level but, also to enable their everyday lives and environments to be improved too.


Holly is a qualified Equine Behaviourist and Therapist and has been working as a world renown International Animal Communicator since 1999.

She works with all species of animals; but she specialises in equines. To date she has helped many thousands of animals and their guardians throughout the world.

She has been sharing her knowledge freely for many years in the form of her workshops, seminars and practitioner courses

Her background is in psychology, behaviour, therapies and natural medicine. She spends much of her time researching and training to continuously improve her work and services.

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What ever your issue, please do not hesitate to contact us to see how your pet or horse can be helped.

Interested in training as an Animal Therapist?

Do you want to learn more in order to help your own animals?

Holly is a keen writer and to date has published 8 books. She is also a Columnist for a National Magazine.

She featured in a programme about her work that was aired in 12 countries, has been featured in a long list of magazines, as well as writing several stories for other authors books.

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