Dowsing for Health can be used for the assessment of many different things to include: Food intolerances, the balance and levels of the subtle energy fields, vitamin and mineral deficiencies and just about anything else that is having an adverse effect on your horse or pet's health and well-being.

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  • Duration: 00:60 Hours
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Dowsing for health is a fascinating practice that taps into the body's energy fields using tools like pendulums or rods. It aims to identify energy imbalances, fostering a deeper understanding of well-being. This positive approach promotes holistic awareness and complements traditional wellness practices for a more balanced and vibrant life. Food intolerances, allergens, dietary needs and deficiencies are just some of the things that it can be used for.

Dowsing for health is an intriguing practice that delves into the subtle energies of the body, seeking to promote wellness and balance. By using tools such as pendulums or rods, dowsers tap into their intuitive faculties to detect energy flows and potential imbalances within the body. This practice offers a holistic lens through which individuals can explore their well-being.

Embracing dowsing for health can lead to several positive outcomes. It can serve as a powerful tool for stress reduction, aiding in relaxation and emotional healing. Dowsing sessions may uncover areas of potential concern before they manifest as physical symptoms, enabling proactive health management. Moreover, some practitioners find that dowsing enhances their self-awareness and mindfulness, fostering a deeper connection with their bodies.

While dowsing doesn't replace conventional medical practices, it complements them by addressing the energetic aspect of health. This alternative approach empowers individuals to take an active role in their well-being journey, promoting a holistic view of health that includes the interplay of both physical and energetic elements. Dowsing for health, with its positive and holistic perspective, opens the door to a greater understanding of one's body and the potential for optimised vitality.

Once you are booked in, I will contact you will a payment link. Once payment has been made, I will then carry out your assessment remotely. A report of my findings and suggestions will then be emailed to you.